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Every time you leave your house, walk out into the world like you’re walking onto a stage or audition room! You’ve probably heard the saying success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, right? And I’m starting to reframe my every interaction in that way. Every single person that you get to meet out there in the world: On the bus on your commute to work/school, at church, at the bar, in the grocery store…wherever else it is that you meet people, is an opportunity for something bigger. So you always have to be prepared; you never know what each interaction you have has to offer.

Prepared for what exactly? prepared to make your elevator pitch. In whatever field we’re in, I’d like to believe that we’re all looking for even bigger opportunities or opportunities outside of what we do; and connecting with the right people could propel you to the next level of your dreams or ambition. It’s the simple things like having a business card handy, or rehearsing your pitch when someone asks you “what do you do?” that someone might know a guy or a gal, or have a cousin who's in the same line of work as you, and if you sell yourself really well, that 5min conversation could be the rapport you need to get to the next level.

Networking or word of mouth is In my opinion the best marketing tool. Some people are too busy to do the research and are more likely to hire someone or buy a product based on a recommendation of someone whom they trust without the need to do any real digging for themselves.

On a Monday evening, which happened to be a public holiday, I visited a pub somewhere in my city Lusaka, to parch my thirst with a nice cold draft beer; when I met a cool fellow, with whom I engaged in a conversation. We talked about many things, and one of the most important parts of our conversation was a story he shared about how he together with his wife hired a contractor to build on their property, paid him upfront to reach a certain level, with an agreement to pay off the rest once he had completed the job, to which the contractor agreed to.

Less than halfway through the job, the contractor who was recommended by the gentleman’s Mother in law, grew indignant to finish the work; which caused some friction between both parties, ending in a split. My companion went on to express how his father had building projects he was about to undertake, and he had it in his mind to hopefully get this contractor the job in undertaking these massive building projects with his father, after he completed the structure he was paid the half for, of which he was doing an amazing job till his complacency kicked in.

That got me thinking. We really don’t know what the plans people we come across have for us, after hiring us or having one conversation with us. Unbeknownst to the contractor, that one job was an audition for him to star in the Big Picture. The big production. And had he been prepared or integral, he would have gotten the lead role.

Much like the contractor, we lose the part when we don’t fulfill our obligations or deliver on agreements, or are unnecessarily rude in the way that we conduct ourselves to strangers and the people we work with; costing us lead roles we might not be aware of.

This also extends to how we choose to leave our places of employment when we’re dissatisfied or simply choosing to move on to the next thing in your life. It’s important not to burn bridges, It doesn’t matter how ugly those bridges are. At the end of the day, you’ll still need a reference, or you might find yourself returning to that place of work if what you set out to doesn’t pan out; which makes it near impossible to do if things end on a bad note.

Trust that if the casting director doesn’t cast you in the main role, that they might have another role, which might be just as important, or less so if they see something in you. A small part is better than no part at all. Be diligent and integral in your work and your daily interactions; you never know where your steadfastness might land you.



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Samm Tembo

Samm Tembo

Samm Tembo is a Freelance content creator, aspiring filmmaker, entertainment and lifestyle writer, from Lusaka, Zambia; sharing his worldview through words.