I'm Samm Tembo - a freelance lifestyle and entertainment writer, from Lusaka, Zambia, using the gift of storytelling to highlight the beauty in people, things, and places.

I'm a big film and video game nerd, and it's because of that, that I have a career as a writer today. I was greatly inspired by movies and video games such as 'Metal Gear Solid' and 'Terminator 2' as a kid, which led me to teach myself screenwriting, after deciding I wanted to tell stories through the medium of film for the rest of my life.

I learned to channel that love for screenwriting into editorial writing, creating content for different brands and businesses after finding out just how difficult it is to sell a screenplay (let alone get a producer to read it). Now whether I'm writing for TV/film, in blogs, or in magazines, I do it with a smile on my face, cause I'm grateful for how far I've come on my journey as a storyteller.

Storytelling is What I live for.

But when I'm not typing away at my keyboard, I'm most likely spending quality time with my nieces, sitting at a cafe somewhere with a book and a hot chocolate, playing video games, watching a movie, people-watching, or treating myself to a cheeky rack of pork ribs, a cold beer, and a potato salad at one of my favorite restaurants in my city.

I'm currently exploring the world of podcasting and focusing on building a career in film; working different roles on a few productions, and writing TV commercials and more screenplays, while still doing a lot of editorial work.